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BG#1 UCI Currency Symbol Modification

Updated: Jan 22, 2019


When the symbol of a currency is modified, for example from to M.

NB: Changing the symbol of a currency field is done through: Settings - Business Management - Currencies


All the currency fields will generate an error upon trying to update them.


When a number is entered, a currency symbol is automatically added when the field loses focus. When focusing the field again, the entire value is already formatted, including the currency symbol.

When editing, the control should use a non-formatted value, without symbols and separators. When not editing, the control should use the formatted value”.


How to solve the problem?

Microsoft is aware of that UCI bug and will be solving it in the upcoming releases.

Meanwhile, rename currency fields labels with a (M) at the end could be a temporary solution. If the symbol is renamed again with the same default symbol the bug disappears.

NB: No bug is found on the standard web interface.

Error message:

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